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And – News Roundup on Public Banking from Around the World:  

Headlines from the latest explosion of news about public banking and the economy:

The U.S. Needs Banking-As-a-Public-Service | Nik Milanovic, Forbes

After the Coronavirus Pandemic, Let Public Banks Lead the Rebuilding | Sylvia Chi and Sushil Jacob, Nonprofit Quarterly

Postal Banking: Brought to You by JPMorgan Chase? | Raúl Carrillo,

Would Postal Banking Save the Post Office? | Lisa Rowan, Forbes

Attacks on Post Office Aim to Destroy Democracy | Mark Lloyd, SheerPost

Advocates say a Philly public bank could be key to addressing systemic racism | Darryl C. Murphy, WHYY

Thinking Long Term During Virginia’s Special Session | Nick Rathod, Blue Virginia

How Europe can defend itself against US economic sanctions | Jonathan Hackenbroich, European Council on Foreign Relations

Save the US Postal Service and Defend the Vote! | Dave Lindorff, Counterpunch


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