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What is The Colorado Public Banking Coalition? 

We are a coalition of public banking activists working to create socially and environmentally responsible city and regional public banks, in order to protect and invest back into our Colorado Communities.


What is Public Banking? How Does it Help Me?

A public bank is a bank that is owned and operated by a city, county, or state. This kind of banking cuts out the middle man and allows the funds that the bank makes to go directly back into the city, instead of into the hands of private shareholders. This allows the community to reinvest in things that are important to them: green energy, new infrastructure, better schools, and much much more!

Take a look at this animation made by the Public Banking Institute to see an overview of what a public banking can do for a community and why it is a better choice for Colorado than a Wall Street bank.

 For more detailed information on Public Banking and its impacts visit our All About Public Banking page!


Why Wall Street Banks Aren’t Cutting It

All profits and benefits reaped from the banking process in a Wall Street Bank go to private shareholders and owners of the bank. This means that there is no benefit for the community that choses to bank with the institution.

In 2008, these Wall Street Banks contributed to an enormous recession, because they weren’t looking out for the interests of the people or of the communities that they rely on to do business.

Currently, Colorado Communities are bound by legislation to banking with these Wall Street Banks.

Why We Need Your Support

We can’t make change without the support of the people who will benefit from this measure. We want counties and cities to have the option to make a change for the better, and create a public bank.

Click here to endorse the Public Banking! We are seeking organizations, businesses, candidates and elected officials.