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Public Banking Basics and Key Advantages

This blog will address a few of the most basic questions asked about public banking. It will also provide a brief overview of the basics of Public Banking and a few of its key advantages. Public Banking is a powerful tool that, at its core, is about keeping community money working for the benefit and the values of the community within the community. 

Colorado is in a Health and Financial Crisis. A Public Bank is a Solution

The state of Colorado and nation are reeling badly, with no real solutions in sight. The state budget faces a $3 billion shortfall. The state’s emergency funds, limited by TABOR, aren’t nearly enough to keep the state running. That is our harsh reality.

Article by Earl Staelin, Juan Marcano, and Dragan Mejic posted in the Colorado Independent

Another Bank Bailout Under Cover of a Virus.

Insolvent Wall Street banks have been quietly bailed out again. Banks made risk-free by the government should be public utilities. An article by Ellen Brown, author of Public Bank Solution and Web of Debt.

Legal Opinion: Public Banks are Legal in Colorado.

In October 2019, Colorado’s Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), through Thomas Morris, Managing Senior Attorney, concluded in a Legal Opinion addressed to State Representative Jonathan Singer that a State Public Bank, assuming it is organized as a TABOR enterprise, and would apply for a charter under Colorado’s banking laws, would probably be legal under Colorado’s Constitution.